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Bellwether Research Institute is a smart community real estate innovation lab focused on many aspects of smart cities and millennial families.  Our differentiator is our patent pending platforms which helps our marketing team understand consumer needs prior to the first face to face contact.  Currently, we are planning 4 pilot smart communities across the Eastern and Midwest time zones.

In order to ensure high quality standards, lower costs, and lowest possible enviromtnal impact we buy direct from vetted Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) (No 3rd parties please). We partner with reputable local builders and lenders who believe in our futurist and innovative consumer-centric approach.We have studied each pilot real estate market and Bellwether is pleased to work with buy side agents however we firmly believe that the our SAAS platform will help us sell homes very quickly.


Our Vision

Bellwether Research Institute researchers / cast members have toured and studied numerous smart homes and smart communities throughout the global real estate marketplace. We believe that emerging technologies such Internet of Things (IoT) home sensors, smart security, and smart energy will occupy our target millennial consumer’s attention for a short period of time.
It is our vision, build sustained and mutual beneficial relationships across our entire smart community ecosystem. Therefore we work to meet consumers, governments, and original equipment requirements well beyond the traditional initial transaction period.  We will discuss specific offerings with interested and qualified smart community buyers.


Bellwether Research Institute Smart communites

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