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Seeking Smart City – Smart Community Partners

  • Bellwether Research Institute is a smart city innovation lab focused on key U.S smart community real estate markets. Bellwether could be categorized as a caring team of problem solving business intelligence, machine learning, and smart home company design professions. We are designing 4 attractive smart communities which appeal to a subset of millennials who prefer our enhanced technology communities.
  • Our patent pending software platforms can help identify Smart Home and Smart Community prospects hence marketing support is a minor need.
  • Bellwether seeks skilled builders with proven quality scores and low customer complains. We prefer to work with the following mid–tier solutions providers. In return, we offer incentive based compensation and could help to identify new local home buying prospects. We also work with local lenders.  We could also share confidential business intelligence, as permitted by law.

Bellwether also seeks to work with companies (or 1099 contractors) from the following professions:

  • Ride Share
  • Fitness
  • Local Restaurants
  • Local Delivery
  • Software Coders “ R “ “Python” trainers
  • MatLab Developers 
  • “Please no 3rd Parties”

Together we can make a difference!

  • Please complete the following form.  A Bellwether Cast Member will respond to serious request within 2-3 days.