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About us

  • Bellwether Research Institute, is a Smart City Innovation Lab focused on growing smart real estate communities.  Our differentiator is our patent pending platforms which helps our marketing team better understand consumer preferences prior to the first face to face contact. We plan to construct 4 pilot smart communities across three US States.
  • In order to ensure best customer experience, lower costs, and lowest possible environmental impact (origin and destination) we buy direct from heavily vetted Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) (No 3rd parties please).
  • We partner with reputable local builders and lenders who believe in our futurist and innovative consumer centric approach.
  • The Bellwether SAAS technology platform titled “Lita” is the heart of our presells process and our sustained smart community growth.  First, our business intelligence cast members have collected a tremendous amount of community and adjacent data for each planned real estate development. Second, our data scientist has analyzed numerous datasets and helped us predict certain local behaviors.  Lastly, our real estate community cast members, buy side agents, and governance body will help us deliver an extraordinary customer experience across many seasons.
  • In the near future the assigned Bellwether Research Institute real estate community cast members will enhance the customer experience thru partnerships with local restaurants, fitness trainers, software coders, and local ride share partners.

Our Vision

  • Since 2014, Bellwether Research Institute researchers / cast members have toured and studied numerous smart homes and smart communities throughout the global marketplace. We are impressed with current smart city and smart community offerings however, we strongly believe now is the time to disrupt traditional Smart Home and Smart Community thinking.
  • Our vision, solve Smart Community member challenges through 360-degree design thinking, service innovation, and a host of emerging technologies.

Interesting Bellwether Research Institute Innovation Lab facts:

1. Our creative smart community approach is embedded in our logo.  Note the “E” “T” connection and reflect on Steven Spielberg’s movie titled “E.T.  We create a unique science fiction fantasy for our target market.

2. Bellwether Cast Members are part of an effective global delivery model with technical, design, and visual expertise across 5 countries.  Each U.S. local real estate community cast member is our conduit to the smart home, smart community, and smart city partners.

3. One of our partner innovations could help families meet popular employer fitness incentive goals.

4. We acknowledge that our Smart Communities does not alignment each US citizen’s preference but we see a 35 million like-minded Smart Community members in the overall US market.

5. In order to separate ourselves from our peer Real Estate Smart Innovation labs we offer Smart Community member development opportunities, social networks, healthy lifestyle and many of desirable Smart Community features.